Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not dead.....

...yet, anywho
HAVE been really busy though, if I'm not in class, I'm painting or sleeping. I got the sculpture and skeletons done on time, they both came out pretty well I think ^_^. My oil painting has been giving me some grief though, but I think I'm winning. For now at least.

very much a work in progress, I've only "finished" the book cover, the 3 flowers, and the bottle on the right....

We started working of facial features in sculpture class this week. I have to sculpt a nose, mouth, and an eye. I got the nose done, and tomorrow I'll tackle the mouth ;D
I'll try to update more often, been getting lazy about it XD


  1. I love the painting, it looks really good.

    I'm too impatient for oil colors. :(