Saturday, September 4, 2010

Another day, another post

I am so worn out
like, I don't even want to move right now XD

Basically, yesterday we went out and did the whole touristy shopping thing again. I ended up picking up a new top, a dress, some earrings, some chopsticks, annnd a new pocket knife ^_^ We also went to a wax museum and a guiness world records museum thing. They were ok, but not really worth the ~$10 we payed to go into each XP Finally, we ended the day yesterday by going over to Santa Monica beach. We waded in the water for a minute, and then went and invaded the pier. Never woulda guessed it would get so cold here at night! I literally could see my breath!

Today wasn't quite so touristy. We ended up going down to chinatown and eating some AMAZING chinese food. Lets just say I'll never be able to enjoy the crappy buffets around my college again XD After eating, we went around and did some more shopping in chinatown. I ended up getting a really cool fan for my apartment for only $10! Finally, we dropped one of the faux-family off at her concert (the main reason we even went to LA).

Me thinks I'll head off to bed soon, has been a long 3 days XD
sorry bout the lack of pictures, am feeling just a bit more than lazy right now XD


  1. Another day, another breath, another obstacle that's left.

    Here, have some support when you wake up, hopefully you'll smile. :)

  2. Sounds like you
    re having a great time