Sunday, August 14, 2011


So, somehow between last September and now I totally forgot about this thing. Some crazy little part of me thinks I should try again at this whole thing, dunno why XD Maybe its the tiny part of me thats narcissistic enough to think that others actually care what I have to say. Yea, that sounds about right XD

Hmmm.... where to start...

First and foremost, I'm still goin strong with the art. I discovered that I don't dislike oil paints nearly as much I initially thought I would. Actually, painting in general isn't that bad, it just really isn't my cup of tea.

Only partially finished, haven't gotten around to getting a picture of the finished piece XD
Is mostly the same though, so meh
done in oils

First attempt at clouds in watercolors
just finished up my first watercolor class, once again not as bad as I was expecting XD Was saddened to find out that I have to take watercolor II though, I was under the impression that it wouldn't be required since I'm doing a sculpture emphasis.

Oh, yeah, theres that. I've decided that I really do prefer 3D over 2D. Though I didn't enjoy sculpture III as much as I would have hoped (working with wood, a nifty ability for a hobo), I have discovered something else about myself. I want to be a baker and chocolatier. I want to have my own bakery, design and create cakes, sculpt in chocolate (and maybe ice too). Its a big goal, and one that I'll have to push myself to meet. But, at least now I have something for aim for! Even if it means possibly living under a bridge if I fail XD

For now, another photo dump.
My own fist, done in sculpture I

random pose from figure drawing, done in ink washes

Bust from sculpture II, we had to poke holes in it to make sure it didn't 'splode in the kiln XD
Holes are gone now, am just too lazy to update the picture XD

Portion of my final watercolor I piece, is of one of my dogs that had to be put to sleep :(
RIP Boomer
Silver ring made for my sister in my jewelry class, still needs to  be cleaned up a bit
Simple band, first project in jewelry I
we cast them using the sand casting method
"Oklahoma Sky," another watercolor piece
A copper bowl I raised from a sheet of metal
sooo.... yeah. Obviously, a lot more has happened, but I think I'll save some of it for later ;3