Thursday, September 9, 2010

Long time, no post

Alright, so I guess its about time I get off my lazy butt and update this a bit
Sooo, how bout I start off with a photo dump? Just some random LA pics; celebrity stars, pretty skies, that kind of thing ^_^
preeetty sun rise ^_^
Who is Andrew Lloyd Webber? *facepalm*
I'm a dork, I know
totally took this without lookin XD *severe arachnophobia*
couldn't catch him posing, and didn't feel like getting hit by a car to get closer XP
some totally adorable lolitas ^_^

So, yeah
totally not all the pictures I took, but enough XD

Been busy since I got back, having to catch up on all my studio class work. Luckily, I've been able to make good time, and am almost totally caught up. I have a sculpture in plaster that I have almost done (just needs to be sand papered and then textured), a skeleton set for figure drawing, and a preliminary painting for oil. Oil painting, so far, isn't too bad, but my whole lacking the painting skills is proving to be a challenge.
The skeletons... have a bit more done than shown here... just need to add muscles on tracing paper to lay over the bones... will look pretty darn cool when I'm done ;D
Like I said, is plaster... has to show upwards movement by using transitional shapes... I think it works, but I tend to be a bit biased XD
So, yeah....
Thats about all for now, been staying preeetty busy, but happy ^_^


  1. Hope you had lots of memories of spiders crawling on buildings. Muwhaha. lol jk

  2. YAY For David Bowie and the lolitas and spiiiidddererererer

  3. great pics, especially the drawing!

  4. woohoo, betty white. no, she wasn't overexposed this year. not at all.

  5. Nostalgia'd hard when I saw the Rugrats star...