Sunday, August 29, 2010


Guess maybe I should at least tell a little about myself as I am right now.
Basically, I'm a junior in college working towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts. What I plan to do with that? I have no clue. Current plan is go to NYC and sleep under a bridge, but I'll let ya know if any new possibilities come up.
My life is pretty normal, actually. I live on campus, which means I am allowed no cute furry playthings. I do have two fish, however. We started out with fifteen; they all had names and were provided personalities and back stories. It was all very entertaining. We are now left with two fish, named Chase and BiPolar. I'm semi-convinced these two worked together to kill off the other fish. BiPolar being the mastermind, and Chase the muscle man.

These are meh feesh, Chase is the orange and white one, and BiPolar  is the harder to see/smaller one

I must say though, one of the major benefits of being an art major is the class requirements. This semester I have 12 hours of studio classes alone. What other major lets you sit around easels and chat while you work at your passion? None, not even drama kids get that all the time. Its cause we're awesome.

So, yeah. Thats me in a nutshell. An aspiring hobo, who loves art, and is easily entertained by her overactive imagination. Especially when it comes to her fish.


  1. fish are pretty awesome!

    follow for follow,

  2. Keep it up...more than half of the people in this world dont know what they want to do.

  3. Only 2 out of 15 fish survived?
    That sucks, but its nice to have fish