Monday, August 30, 2010

Just a quickie, I guess

So classes started back for me today; really not ready for summer to be over XP
Classes wise, I didn't do too bad. I have biology, the individual in contemporary society, sculpture I, figure drawing I (naked people ftw), ancient art history, annnnd oil painting I. Oil painting is pretty much the only class I'm really worried about. I am most definitely NOT a painter.

See what I mean? XD
I am VERY excited for my sculpture class though. We poured the plaster for our first assignment, and by next week we'll be done with our first piece! I'm pretty sure 3D will be my focus (am mediocre to decent in drawing, and painting is most definitely NOT my forte), so I'm really excited about the upper level classes. In sculpture III we get to work with wood (I think), so that'll be useful in my hobo days.

One of my polymer clay pieces. Is about the size on a fist...
Guess thats all for now, bout to head off to the dreaded painting class.


  1. Good luck on classes!

  2. good luck, don't go all VA tech on everybody

  3. Good Luck! Also, looking forward to more pictures